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  • 2 WordPress Plugins Which Automatically Build Landing Pages
    LPG Pro is the lead capture page. With one click of a button your landing page will be built and you can easily swap out the default content with your own. Coupons Pro works the same way but allows you to distribute single use (unique) or group (static) coupon codes (this page was built using Coupons Pro).

  • Swipe Files
    You’ll also get swipe files to make your advertising and funnel pages easy to set up. Your download will include 3 Photoshop PSD files for Facebook ads, email swipes, and swipe files for quick creation of key funnel pages like Out Of Coupons Pages and Thank You Pages.

  • FREE Access To The Training Area
    Once purchased, you’ll receive immediate access to the training area with lots of videos showcasing how to set landing pages up, Facebook ad examples, giveaways, and more.

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Q: All This For Only $12… why?

A: Seller Coupons Pro is not my primary business, like I said in the video above – I’m an Amazon seller and entrepreneur. I built these plugins to help me offer discounts to my customers and grow my audience through targeted promotions. I’m sure you can use them to do the same.

Q: What Amazon Marketplaces Do These Work For?

A: Any and all – there is no limitation.


Q: Can I rotate links?

A: You can rotate as many links as you like (link rotator included).

Q: Can I target specific states and territories?

A: Targeting will be done in your ads (e.g. Facebook ads) and you can send that traffic to the same landing page or you could even duplicate your landing pages but swap out at the top something like, “Special Facebook -> Amazon Offer For Las Vegas Residents”.

Q: Can I create my own landing pages or do I have to use yours?

A: You can use your own custom designed landing pages built on WordPress if you choose.

Q: Is There A Monthly Charge?

A: No monthly charge – we saved that option for other coupon services.

Q: How many products can I promote?

A: As many as you want, no restriction.

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