Use Your Own WordPress Landing Pages To Distribute Amazon Coupon Codes

Use Your Own WordPress Landing Pages To Distribute Amazon Coupon Codes

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So you don’t want to use the landing page designs I created? It’s okay, my feelings aren’t hurt.

In this post I’ll show you how you can use your own WordPress landing pages to distribute Amazon single use coupon codes using our WordPress plugin – Coupons Pro.

You can also create your own email capture landing pages and still display how many coupons are left, the price, and percentage off – all using very simple shortcodes!

To do this, you’ll need our WordPress plugins – Seller Coupons Pro.

Once you have the plugins installed (LPG Pro and Coupons Pro) you’ll notice inside a Coupons Pro campaign settings area there’s a drop down with a list of shortcodes you can use when you customize the template we provide.

These shortcodes quickly allow you to customize the default template we provide to your liking, but only so far. If you really want to design a landing page from scratch, using our template editor will only get you so far.

This is because you can’t pull in objects, classes, and shortcodes from your WordPress theme or other plugins.

To do that, you’ll need to create your own custom landing page and now that Coupons Pro can share its shortcodes with WordPress, you can do and design just about anything you want.

Here’s how you do it…

The first thing you’ll need to do is create a new WordPress page or post.

Once you create a WordPress Page or Post, you’ll see an option in the Document settings area where you can link this page to a particular Coupons Pro page.

Click the drop down and select which Coupon Pro page you want to link this custom page up with…

When you create a Coupons Pro campaign, WordPress will create a blank page for that campaign automatically. Do not use this page as your custom landing page–instead, create a completely new page by scratch.

Finally, once you’ve linked a custom page to a Coupons Pro campaign, copy your custom page’s URL and head over to your Coupons Pro campaign. Scroll down in the settings area until you find this option:

Check the box and paste in your custom landing page’s URL:

That’s basically it. At this point you are free to use the shortcodes provided with Coupons Pro to display or use the following things on your own email capture pages or coupon pages:

  • Display how many coupon codes are left
  • Display a coupon code
  • Make a button, image, or text whatever product URL you’re using (can use link rotator)
  • Original Price
  • Discounted Sales Price
  • Percentage Off

Just remember, your custom page will not be the page activating a coupon code, you have to send people to your Coupons Pro secret link.

John Hoff

John Hoff is the developer and founder of Seller Coupons Pro, a coupon funnel designed for Amazon sellers to grow their audience while running off Amazon product promotions. He's also the author of several Facebook related posts on the Helium 10 blog.