Overview and How To Use The Coupons Pro WordPress Plugin

Overview and How To Use The Coupons Pro WordPress Plugin

Video A (quick and to the point video)

Video B (a little longer, more in depth video)

If you watch Video B, I forgot to mention in that video that if you add new coupon codes to an active campaign, it will restart the entire list meaning–if you want to add more coupon codes to an already existing campaign, add ALL new codes overwriting the old ones. You don’t want old ones which may have been claimed to be reused. I explain this in Video A at 5:30 into the video if you want to watch that part.


WordPress Plugin To Distribute Amazon Single Use Coupon Codes

The Coupons Pro plugin is a WordPress plugin which allows you to automatically generate a coupons landing page you can send traffic to which will show an Amazon Coupon Code (or any coupon code) to each unique visitor – or a general (group) coupon code to all.

It’ll work for Amazon products, Shopify stores, and any other platform where you want to distribute coupon codes. The plugin is a landing page builder built to distribute whatever coupon codes you wish.

Key features of the Coupons Pro WordPress plugin:

– Amazon Single Use or Group coupon code distribution
– Rotator links
– Lots of shortcodes for page customizations
– Countdown timer
– Header / Footer scripts for CSS, Pixels, Analytics, etc.
– Default images and content which you can easily swap out
– Out of coupons redirect

Plugin Shortcodes & Classes

This plugin comes with a few WordPress shortcodes and classes which you can use to quickly generate information you want to display on your landing page. In the video above I quickly mention them but here are the full tutorials on how to use them.

Coupons Pro Shortcodes
(can be pasted in either the Text or Visual Tab of your Custom HTML Box)

  • Show the number of coupons left (view tutorial)
  • Display a user’s coupon code anywhere on the page (view tutorial)
  • Show the price, sale price and percent off

Coupons Pro Classes
(works like a shortcode but must be pasted into the “Text” area of your Custom HTML)

If you’re looking for an Amazon coupon landing page generator, give Seller Coupons Pro a try.

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John Hoff is the developer and founder of Seller Coupons Pro, a coupon funnel designed for Amazon sellers to grow their audience while running off Amazon product promotions. He's also the author of several Facebook related posts on the Helium 10 blog.