2 Incredibly Easy & Powerful Amazon Product Launch Funnels That Boosts Rank & Builds a Launch List

2 Incredibly Easy & Powerful Amazon Product Launch Funnels That Boosts Rank & Builds a Launch List

So you’re looking for a better way to run your Amazon Product Launch, eh?

Launch services costs an arm, leg, and 3 of your children to run and maintain a launch and you know…

There’s that little person sitting on your shoulder knocking on your head telling you, “There’s got to be another way.” You might have seen some of the posts in Amazon Facebook groups about how people have been running their own launches and building a follow up email and/or Messenger subscriber list.

There’s a motto I go by and I think as an Amazon Seller and Internet Marketer, you should too–and that is:

“Always Be List Building”

Ever see that movie, Glengarry Glen Ross? There’s a part in the movie (explicit language) where Alec Baldwin comes in to teach phone salesmen the rules of selling, one of them being…

Always Be Closing

In sales you always want to be leading the conversation to close a deal. In marketing, you should always be leading the customer to subscribe in some way (ABLB – Always Be List Building).

It absolutely boggles my mind how Amazon sellers run these “blasts” where they give away hundreds, sometimes even thousands of products away at a HUGE loss to who knows what kind of buyer and when it’s done not 1 of those customer’s contact info have been collected and put onto a buyer’s list… not 1!

As an Amazon seller – if you haven’t yet begun to build a list of customers then you’re in luck…

Today I’m going to show you 2 very easy funnels to set up which you can send influencer traffic and ads traffic through which will:

  1. Grow your own private email launch list
  2. Send tons of sales through to Amazon to help increase ranking position for keywords
  3. Increase the value of your company because it can be sold with a list of customers

These 2 funnels are not revolutionary and incredibly simple to set up with Seller Coupons Pro.

Funnel 1: The Easy Flow Facebook To Amazon Product Launch Funnel

I call this one “The Easy Flow” because it’s the path of least resistance for our customers.

Basically we will run a Facebook ad which offers our product at a discounted price too good to pass up, usually 70% to 80% off for cold traffic but can be less if they have done business with you before or you have primed the audience with content building up to buying your product.

Then after the user clicks on the ad they go through our funnel.

The Easy Flow Funnel flows like this:

  1. The customer lands on an email capture page presenting the offer
  2. After the user enters their email address in a pop up, they are immediately redirected to a coupon page where they are given a unique, single use Amazon coupon code
  3. With a coupon in hand the customer goes to Amazon to buy our product.

Here’s a sample Facebook ad I’ve run for this funnel…

The ad then would lead to a landing page which simply contained information about the product and the offer they saw in the Facebook ad.

Here’s the top portion of our email optin landing page (click to enlarge):

Facebook To Amazon Launch Funnel Landing Page

As you can see from the initial funnel image under the subheading, I sometimes put video on my landing pages – which I’ll give you an example of in the next section.

Once someone clicks the “Send Me The Coupon” button they get a pop up which looks like this:

After they enter their email into the box and click SEND COUPON, I instantly redirect them to my coupons page where they get a Unique Single-Use Amazon coupon code.

Here’s what the top portion of the coupon page looks like…

Coupons Pro Page – Amazon Single-Use Coupon Codes

These pages are simple to set up because we’re using the Seller Coupons Pro software.

Funnel 2: Check Your Email Flow

This funnel works much like The Easy Flow Amazon Product Launch Funnel above except instead of sending people straight to a coupon page we first require them to check their email in order to get a link to our coupon page where they will receive their unique Amazon coupon code.

Funnel 2 flows like this:

  1. The customer lands on an email capture page presenting the offer
  2. After the user enters their email address in a pop up, they are immediately redirected to a Thank You Page where they are told to go check their email for a link to their coupon
  3. The user checks their email and clicks the link we sent them to our coupon page
  4. With a coupon in hand the customer goes to Amazon to buy our product.

You might be wondering…

“Why require them to check their email?”

That’s a fair question and there are 2 reasons:

  1. You want to make sure the user entered a real email address rather than a fake one. If it’s fake, they don’t get a coupon.
  2. If someone goes to the extent of clicking an ad, checking their email, visiting a coupon page, copying the coupon, and then head to Amazon to buy your product, they are more likely to buy because they’ve expressed a lot of interest in redeeming your offer. This could result in your product listing’s conversion rate going up.

I ran a simple Facebook ad just like this one here (percentage off was different)…

Here’s the landing page I sent people to with a 75% off promotion (I prefer to use “promotions” verse “Amazon giveaways” because I’m not only giving away product – I’m building a list of customers).

As you can see, I made use of video on my landing page.

I simply grabbed my phone, put on my company shirt, and did a quick recording in my backyard restating the special Facebook To Amazon Flash Sale we were running.

After the user clicked the Get My Amazon Coupon button they received a similar pop up box like above to enter their email address in and once they clicked the button, I sent them this time to a “Thank you, go check your email” page.

Sometimes I even put a video on this page again telling the customer what I want them to do.

So you might be wondering if these funnels and ads actually work?

Matthew Emailed Me This…

1 Way To Leverage These For Profitable Amazon Sales

Figuring out how to drive outside sales to Amazon consistently or on demand is the holy grail of ranking on Amazon.

Figure this out and you’ll have all those other sellers who only advertise to the limited number of customers shopping on Amazon today scratching their heads not understanding where your sales are coming from.

In the examples above I showed a high discount offer, often times referred to as “giveaways”, to create such an attractive offer it’s just too good for users to pass up.

If your Facebook targeting is at least pointed in the right direction you can make sales pretty easy and those quick sales increases our sales velocity on Amazon and aids in helping our products rank better over there.

But how do we get out of the “giveaway” hole and begin making profitable sales?

While there are a number of ways to do this, what I often suggest is having at least 1 product in your brand’s product line which can be used as the loss-leader (it’s the one hook you throw out in the water). You can think of it like those free plus shipping offers you see and hear about all the time.

This 1 product you offer will be too good to pass up and allows you to grow your email and Messenger list very fast–just remember to target the right people.

Once you’ve got them subscribed and vetted with 1 purchase from your company, you can introduce them to your business (i.e. Indoctrination emails sequence) and show how your company can improve their lives in some way. Once they’ve gotten to know you (and done business with you once), you can ascend them in your company to the point where they buy more of your products.

I like to say it like this…

The sale happens in the conversation we have with our subscribers / followers–not at the first point of contact.

Okay so back to the funnels and some questions you might have…

You might also be wondering—

  • What happens when coupons run out for the day–where do the funnels reroute people to?
  • What happens if someone likes my Facebook ad, clicks, but then decides to not give me their email address? Is there a way to still get them to buy?
  • Is there a way to get people on BOTH an email list and Facebook Messenger listthat’s easy to do?

If you’re wondering about these questions, check out my River Method – which is an Amazon Product Launch funnel I designed which gets customers on both an email and Messenger list in a very natural flowing way.

We don’t want to annoy our customers by asking them to do too many things. The answer is –> The River Method.

John Hoff

John Hoff is the developer and founder of Seller Coupons Pro, a coupon funnel designed for Amazon sellers to grow their audience while running off Amazon product promotions. He's also the author of several Facebook related posts on the Helium 10 blog.