How To Build Audiences For Your Amazon Facebook Ads 😊

How To Build Audiences For Your Amazon Facebook Ads 😊

We creep them out…

Yep. We’re the ones who follow them around everywhere they go it seems.

They click our ads, visit our websites, and sometimes all they do is talk about a topic – and we are there – showing them content we pay Facebook to show them.

At first they don’t know who we are, so it’s kinda weird for them.

If we do our job right, some of them will get to know us and even buy from us.

But it all starts with figuring out how to find them.

In the 2 videos below, I’ll show you how I use Facebook’s Audience Insights, Google, and even Helium 10’s Chrome Extension Xray to discover people on Facebook I can group together and run ads to.

In the second video I’ll set up and publish a couple ads as a test run to see how things go.

I won’t be asking them to buy anything (yet)…

Instead I just want them to be introduced to the brand and the product so they can move from the “Unaware” stage to the “We’re aware your company exists” stage.

This article and the videos below are meant to show you how to take that first step and begin the process of running ads on Facebook so eventually you can sell your Amazon products to people who know about your brand.

With that, let’s jump into the first video where I’ll go over Facebook’s audience targeting area inside the Ad Sets as well as Audience Insights and Xray.

Building Your Cold Facebook Audience Using Insights & Suggestions

Just to be clear, this is not the only way to build cold audiences to run ads to. Lookalike Audiences can be very useful as well. Some ideas to create LA from might include:

  • Lookalike Audience of your email list
  • Lookalike Audience of people who have visited your website
  • Lookalike Audience of people who have watched a certain percentage of video from one of your videos
  • Lookalike Audiences of your Amazon buyers

Okay so now that you have an introduction to how to research and find people on Facebook to begin marketing to, let’s jump in with a real example where I’ll build 2 cold audiences for our Salt Crystal and run an ad to each.

Remember, at this point we are just looking to introduce these groups of people to our company.

I only set up 2 Ad Sets in our example for simplicity sake, but a more serious campaign would have lots of ad sets (20 or so) each with at least 3 different ads in them to test and discover a winner. Your budget will dictate how far you can take this.

After a few days you’d then begin turning off losing ad sets and keeping winners.

I hope you found the videos above useful for your business. There are many ways to build and grow audiences to market to online, you just have to think a little.

Sometimes you might try video ads and create your audiences from percentages watched, other times you might offer them a downloadable (Lead Magnet) in exchange for their email address.

In other cases you might give them a quiz or ask them to enter a contest or giveaway.

Lots of ways to do it.

In the beginning though, we want them to take that first step.

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John Hoff

John Hoff is the developer and founder of Seller Coupons Pro, a coupon funnel designed for Amazon sellers to grow their audience while running off Amazon product promotions. He's also the author of several Facebook related posts on the Helium 10 blog.