1 Easy Tip For Capturing Emails In An Amazon Product Launch Using Messenger

1 Easy Tip For Capturing Emails In An Amazon Product Launch Using Messenger

You’re smart, I’ll give you that…

You know the better way to run Amazon product launches is to attract and capture a customer’s contact info before sending them off to Amazon to buy your product at a discount.

I mean… who wants to do an Amazon giveaway where you give away 1,000 units of your product to some unknown person never to of collected an email or Messenger subscriber along the way?

Below I’ll mention the way I typically do things, which is getting the email first, but for those of you who prefer to jump straight from a Facebook ad into Messenger, I’ll show you how to nudge your customer just a little to try and convince them to give you their email address so we Amazon sellers can market our other products to them in the BIG 3 areas (more on the big 3 in just a moment).

So you wised up and here you are running a Facebook ad into a Messenger conversation where after a short conversation with your bot you’ve got a Messenger subscriber. This Messenger subscriber you then either give a coupon code to right there in Messenger or if you’re a Seller Coupons Pro customer delivering unique single use coupon codes, you send them to an Amazon coupon page like this one here (don’t forget to hit refresh on that page to see how the button rotates links).

I know a lot of people have been experimenting with Facebook Messenger lately and trying to incorporate it into a product launch so you can build Messenger subscribers. Of course the BEST thing is to try and get people on both a Messenger list and email list while also pixeling them for future ads.

That’s the BIG 3.

  1. Get them on an email list
  2. Get them on a Messenger subscriber list
  3. Pixel them to run Facebook ads to

The Facebook pixel, by the way, is so powerful because it allows you to not only do #3 above, but also create Lookalike audiences. This means if someone lands on our coupon page, we can “pixel” them and then tell Facebook to create a group of people we can advertise to which looks like the kinds of people who landed on our coupons page.

This is why I ALWAYS send customers to a coupon page rather than straight from Messenger over to Amazon.

The way I do it, I typically try to capture email addresses first and then pass them through a Messenger funnel. I call this The River Method. In doing it this way, you don’t need to pay for 3rd party services like Zapier for email integrations (more on that in a bit).

If they say no to the email then I retarget them with a Messenger ad which again will try to capture their email using the idea I list below from within the Messenger conversation.

Getting An Email In A Messenger Flow

For those of you who are running a Facebook ad right into Messenger and not collecting emails, here’s a little trick that can help get at least some people who pass through your funnel onto an email list.

You have to offer something of value to the customer in exchange for their email. In the marketing world we call this a “Lead Magnet”. You can learn more about them here.

A Lead Magnet can be something like:

  • a PDF
  • video
  • guide
  • checklist
  • private blog article
  • podcast
  • playbook
  • template
  • swipe file

It should be something they can consume relatively easy and quickly.

In ManyChat, I created this one stop in the Messenger flow which presents the Yoga enthusiast with an offer to get a free video in exchange for their email.

The question is, what can you offer someone which compliments your product in some way? Recipe book maybe? One of the easiest is probably a checklist or “how to” guide.

The tools you’ll likely need to pull this off include:

  • An email service (like MailChimp)
  • Messenger bot builder (like ManyChat)
  • Zapier which is a 3rd party service app which will connect your Messenger bot to your email service

So in this example you might need to use this “Zap” to connect ManyChat and MailChimp. Then once someone subscribes to your email list your autoresponder will send them their “gift”.

Like I said, I prefer to send people from a Facebook ad to an email capture page first, like this one here using LPG Pro, and if they say no to that then I send them a retargeted Messenger ad. But if you do want to incorporate Messenger into your marketing, make sure you brush up on some of their funky rules when it comes to marketing to your subscribers.

So if you’re not yet sending traffic to capture email addresses or Messenger subscribers (and pixeling them), try Seller Coupons Pro now and give it a try!

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John Hoff

John Hoff is the developer and founder of Seller Coupons Pro, a coupon funnel designed for Amazon sellers to grow their audience while running off Amazon product promotions. He's also the author of several Facebook related posts on the Helium 10 blog.