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How To Update LPG and Coupons Pro When An Update Is Available

By John Hoff / September 2, 2018

From time-to-time I’ll update the LPG Pro and Coupons Pro plugins. In this video I’ll show you how to update the plugins using the WordPress plugin update feature. Step 1: Go to your WordPress plugins area Step 2: Find the plugins where an update shows available (if none shows available but I sent you a […]


Overview and How To Use The Coupons Pro WordPress Plugin

By John Hoff / February 17, 2018

Video A (quick and to the point video) Video B (a little longer, more in depth video) If you watch Video B, I forgot to mention in that video that if you add new coupon codes to an active campaign, it will restart the entire list meaning–if you want to add more coupon codes to […]


How To Install Coupons Pro and LPG Pro Plugins After Purchase

By John Hoff / February 9, 2018

Installing our landing page plugins is the same process for installing all other WordPress plugins. The one thing to note is that you’ll need your Coupons Pro Activation Key available to use the plugin. You should have received that after purchasing our plugins. Go to Plugins (in WordPress) Add New Upload the plugin zip file […]