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How To Build Audiences For Your Amazon Facebook Ads 😊

By John Hoff / September 8, 2019

We creep them out… Yep. We’re the ones who follow them around everywhere they go it seems. They click our ads, visit our websites, and sometimes all they do is talk about a topic – and we are there – showing them content we pay Facebook to show them. At first they don’t know who […]


Setting Up A Facebook Ad To Distribute Your Amazon Coupon Codes

By John Hoff / February 9, 2018

UPDATE: The Coupons Pro and LPG Pro plugins shown in this video are a previous version of each plugin. Since then they’ve had a big face lift. Facebook Ads Campaign Objective Note: To keep this tutorial simple, I did not go through setting up a Facebook Pixel and a Custom Conversion event. Ideally, you’d want […]