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John Hoff is the developer and founder of Seller Coupons Pro, a coupon funnel designed for Amazon sellers to grow their audience while running off Amazon product promotions. He's also the author of several Facebook related posts on the Helium 10 blog.


How To Build Audiences For Your Amazon Facebook Ads 😊

By John Hoff / September 8, 2019

We creep them out… Yep. We’re the ones who follow them around everywhere they go it seems. They click our ads, visit our websites, and sometimes all they do is talk about a topic – and we are there – showing them content we pay Facebook to show them. At first they don’t know who […]


Use Your Own WordPress Landing Pages To Distribute Amazon Coupon Codes

By John Hoff / March 10, 2019

Hard to see on Mobile? Watch the video here instead. So you don’t want to use the landing page designs I created? It’s okay, my feelings aren’t hurt. In this post I’ll show you how you can use your own WordPress landing pages to distribute Amazon single use coupon codes using our WordPress plugin – […]


Amazon Product Launch Power

By John Hoff / January 20, 2019

I recently have been pushing Amazon sellers to grow their own email and Messenger lists. It truly will build you power in your game on Amazon and business in general. I’m going to tell you something and it’s the cold hard truth…. What’s working today on Amazon to “rank you” isn’t going to work forever. […]


Creating An Out Of Coupons Page For Your Amazon Coupons Product Launch

By John Hoff / September 4, 2018

In the video above I showed a few of the out of coupons pages I’ve used when distributing Amazon Single Use coupon codes during a launch (I use a 2-step storefront url). When setting up your coupons campaign, you have to think about: What happens when I run out of coupon codes? What happens when […]


How To Update LPG and Coupons Pro When An Update Is Available

By John Hoff / September 2, 2018

From time-to-time I’ll update the LPG Pro and Coupons Pro plugins. In this video I’ll show you how to update the plugins using the WordPress plugin update feature. Step 1: Go to your WordPress plugins area Step 2: Find the plugins where an update shows available (if none shows available but I sent you a […]

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