Our Story

Our Story

Posted by John Hoff

The day my life changed… February 8th, 2015.

From 2008 up until just a little before then I had been a blogger, SEO guy, and affiliate marketer–frustrated because although I made little bits of money here and there…

I never could seem to “make it work”.

As a recent member of the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM 2 for all you ASMers out there) I had my first product launched on Amazon called the Phoenix Grill Mat. Launch date was 6/28/14.

That product didn’t go so well for me. For one, if you click that image and enlarge it, you’ll see Amazon was winning the buy box because although I used a freight forwarder to get my product into America and inspect it, a ton of my product reached Amazon with the packaging torn apart because of a free gift bottle opener I put inside it.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough (enter my first “coupon codes” experience)…

I decided to try the $1 giveaway to get my product ranked for my primary keyword. The problem was nobody told me to make sure to “uncheck” the option to show the coupon code on the Product Details Page.

I lost my entire inventory for $1 per unit and already being on a shoestring budget, I found myself owing Amazon $2000.

Yup… that’s how I got started!

Back To The Day My Life Changed

It was February 8th, 2015 and I had just pulled up to my house coming home from work. I turned off the car and just sat there for a moment and shook my head, bewildered as to what the problem was as to why I couldn’t attract success.

Suddenly, I had an epiphany…

The problem wasn’t with what people were teaching me to do to make money.

The problem was ME.

I was the problem.

I realized there must have been something going on in my internal world and that the reason success eluded me was all my own doing.

This might sound like your story…

I grew up in a normal middle-class household where my parents taught me that getting good grades, going to college, and getting a job was what I had to do to be successful. I wasn’t taught how to invest money, but rather spend it. Spend what I had and maybe a little more with a credit card if I really wanted something.

It’s been a difficult journey for me turning a lifetime of bad habits into the kinds of habits which produce the results I really want in life. I’ve had to reset my internal thinking and perception of the world, perhaps even how the universe itself works.

That day I decided I’d take 1 year and learn everything I could about personal development. I purchased my first audiobook, Think and Grow Rich, and every day I drove my car alone I’d listen to an audiobook.

To this day, I still do this except I’ve added relevant podcasts in there as well. Some of the ones I like include:

  • Perpetual Traffic by DigitalMarketer
  • AM/PM Podcast by Manny Coats
  • The Art Of Paid Traffic by Rick Mulready
  • EcomCrew with Michael Jackness
  • Freedom FastLane by Ryan Moran
  • BulletProof Radio by Dave Aspery (I’m a bit of a biohacker)

Since making this change and really diving into “evolving” myself, I’ve become richer, healthier, and I suppose a little happier – the meditation is great.

About Seller Coupons Pro

Back in the early days of ASM (again I’m in the Amazing Selling Machine 2 group) they had a funnel tool which we could use to display single use coupon codes to our customers. The tool was great but ultimately it led to my Facebook Ads account being shut down.

I was spending enough money with Facebook Ads that I had an account manager with them and when I asked him what happened, he took a look at the lead capture page (email optin page) and he felt the problem was it was a little too pushy on getting the email and not really providing any real value to a visitor from Facebook.

This is why if you watch my Facebook video warning about using the LGP Pro with Facebook Ads, you need to add some content and develop this page a little.

Shortly after this happened ASM shut the tool down and used another tool which did something similar but eventually they discontinued that one as well.

So there I was stuck with this great knowledge of utilizing coupon codes, a list of a couple thousand subscribers on email, and no way to get them unique codes.

The Problem With Monthly Membership Sites & Giveaway Services

Problem With Membership Sites

The problem here is that you pay a monthly fee or you pay an annual fee for the service. This is unnecessary. As an Amazon and E-Commerce seller, I’ve got my hands full of paying monthly service fees and I don’t need more of them.

Second, it’s not really your product.

I personally want to own my landing pages and funnels so I can utilize them for whatever I need them for. Also, with WordPress you can do some really cool stuff.

For example, using our LPG Pro plugin I create a “Thank You Page” and “More Coupons Tomorrow Waiting List” page when I do my promotions.

This does a really good job at adding people who would have gotten a coupon code and made a purchase get on a waiting list since you ran out of coupon codes for the day. I mean, why waste quality leads who might still be coming to your offer page even if you’ve turned off an Ad?

Let’s capture their info and email them first thing in the morning!

Also, with WordPress I’ve been able to implement a link rotator which allows you to send people who click on the “Go To Amazon” button after they’ve receive a coupon code to random pages on Amazon.

That might be your direct link or a storefront URL with various keywords referenced in it.

Problem With Giveaway Services

This is the hardest one to swallow…

Who wants to pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to give away your product at a loss?

NOT ME!!!!!

And wait…

  • You don’t even get to collect email addresses?
  • And–you don’t get to retarget customers?
  • But also these aren’t necessarily targeted customers who might be interested in your other products?
  • If you want to run another promotion you have to spend tons of cash on it?

That’s asking a lot, don’t you think?

I’d rather spend that money on optimizing my product images.

I ran a coupons promotion not long ago and for a small marketing budget I captured a targeted group of 770 email addresses of customers all who are interested in my line of products.

With the landing pages being your own site, you can Facebook Pixel these customers and retarget them with some ads of other products you own…

Or you could utilize this list for your next giveaway and not even have to worry about spending money on the launch.

Or you could email them asking for reviews, send customer insights surveys… you name it!

That Other WordPress Plugin…

There’s another WordPress coupons plugin out there which when I was looking for a solution to distribute Amazon Single-Use coupon codes after ASM shut down their tool I decided to try out.

Right away I could tell this was developed by someone who wasn’t an Amazon seller or digital marketer. It’s way too basic and doesn’t provide all the functions I need as a digital marketer running Ads from sites like the ones below to my Amazon listings…

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google

They didn’t build their software with all the design and functions I really needed to make my giveaways a big success or provide many options for customizing different kinds of promotions.

I also felt that plugin would put my Facebook Ads account at risk of getting shut down just as my account did when I used the ASM funnel tool.

My opinion is to stay away from that plugin if you value your Facebook Ads account and you want to do things like sending people who are already on your email list directly to a coupons page.

The Problem With Facebook Offers

I know there’s been a lot of talk about using Facebook Offers to deliver coupon codes to customers. In case you missed it, I did a guest post on the Helium 10 blog on how to do Facebook Offers.

The good thing with Facebook Offers is you don’t have to worry about getting an Ads account shut down because you violated their terms of service on your landing page. Also, I’ve found the cost per click is pretty cheap.

The negatives are you can’t capture email addresses, you can’t add any analytics to a landing page (like a heat map to see how many people clicked the “Go to Amazon” button), and you have no way of retargeting page visitors.

Between the LGP Pro and Coupons Pro plugins, you can set up a retargeting code so you know who has visited your email capture page and who has visited the coupons page. Then you can go back and retarget ads to people who might have visited the email capture page (showed interest) but didn’t visit the coupons page (decided not to give you their email address).

Always Improving

We’re always looking to improve, aren’t we?

My wife Lindsey is my partner and we both have our strengths.

One of hers is figuring out how to improve products and make them “brandable”.

Here she’s working with her dad to build a higher-priced prototype product which we feel our current customers would like to buy.

While she was in the “shop” (okay maybe our garage), I no doubt was either on Facebook Ads or actually I believe at that time I was working with my coder to develop the LPG Pro plugin.

It’s great to have a partner like her!

As for me…

I’m a Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur who’s always looking to evolve.

I do the high fat, low carb type diet (Paleo / Keto).

Pictured was Easter Sunday where I was getting ready to head over to my brother’s house for a family party and I noticed on my doorstep was my Bulletproof Coffee and Coconut Charcoal pills which I in fact used that night after venturing off my diet slightly for the day.

Today I’m still an Amazon Seller and working hard at figuring out smart ways to utilize coupon codes to drive outside traffic (from Amazon) to my Amazon listings. Coupons don’t always have to be 80% off; you can do so many things with them.

I encourage you to give our plugins a try because even if you don’t do “giveaways”, running Ads to your Amazon listings and creating that customer journey which you design, track, and remarket to is just awesome.

And being smart with coupons means you can also track how many people have actually purchased your product through your Ads.

So there you go. Now you know some parts of my journey in all of this and how and why we built the coupons plugin.