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Are You An Amazon Seller Who Wants To...
Build Your Own Launch List and Run Your Own Product Launches?
If This sounds like You...
Then I Want To Show You The Funnel I Use (As Well As Our Beta Testers) To Drive A Surge Of Targeted Sales From Facebook To Amazon. Along The Way We Will Collect Emails & Messenger Subscribers.
" So after 8 days we are now ranked on page one for most of our keyword phrases (used your link rotator) and also got awarded the Amazon Choice badge.. :-) "
-- Tony (Amazon Seller & Beta Tester)
It's Time To Start Growing A List Of Customers!
"Stop Waiting For Customers On Amazon To Find You.
Let's Find Them Instead & Increase SALES VELOCITY."
Want your product to be the one your competition can't figure out where you're getting all your sales from?
 The secret lies in having the ability to attract off-Amazon customers to your listing who buy your products.
 We do this through ads and launching to our own PRIVATE LAUNCH LIST.
What Seller Coupons Pro Allows You To Do:
  •  Unlimited Funnels: In Any Marketplace
  • Unlimited Campaigns: Launch or Boost Anytime
  •  Unlimited Products: Promote As Many As You Want
  •  Unlimited Coupons: Amazon Single-Use or Any Other
  •  Design: Turnkey Templates or Design Your Own
  •  Build A List: Email, Messenger, or BOTH!
  •  Rotate Links: Rotate Keyword Phrases & Links
  •  Launch To List: Give Your List Single-Use Coupon Codes
  •  Built On WordPress: Design Your Own WP Funnel
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Sell On Amazon? Here's What You Need...
Your Own Launch List
"Have Better Control Over Generating Sales"
Click The Button Below & See How I Collect Email & Messenger Subscribers During An Amazon Launch
"I Created This To Kick Your Butt!"
From John Hoff - Creator of Seller Coupons Pro
Digital Marketer & Amazon Seller since 2014

Yes I'm a goofball but when it comes to selling and outranking on Amazon, I'm a serious dude. Originally, I created Seller Coupons Pro to do 2 things: 
  • Outrank You: By increasing sales velocity whenever I needed it for specific keywords
  • Grow An Asset You Don't Have: My own private product launch list of people
But Then I Got Frustrated...
I understand that feeling of, "Where and how can I drive sales velocity to do better on Amazon?" Over the last couple years "launch companies" popped up charging hundreds, even THOUSANDS of dollars per month just to give away a bunch of your products. This really frustrated me because sellers with deep pockets got to enjoy the power of high sales velocity while that option was off the table for new or struggling sellers. 
So I Decided To Release My Software & EVERYONE Could Afford It
I'll Even Give You My Personal Amazon Launch Funnel Which I Call "The River Method" 
  •  STEP 1
Install Seller Coupons Pro WordPress Plugins to a WordPress website and easily create your optin page and coupon page to distribute Amazon Single-Use coupon codes.
  •  STEP 2
Set up your Amazon promotion using Single Use Coupon Codes from within Seller Central.
  •  STEP 3
Run a simple Facebook ad to your landing page and either collect the customer's email or Messenger info (or both - I'll show you how) in exchange for an Amazon Coupon to then go buy your product on Amazon through whichever URL (2-step or other) you wish to use - you can even rotate the links.
Use Coupon Code: launch19

After Purchase, Watch Over My Shoulder...
How I set up my Facebook ads, Amazon coupons, funnel, emails, Messenger, & more
Amazon Ranking Graph From Some Of My Launches
(Click to enlarge)
Matthew - Amazon Seller & Beta Tester
From John's tutorials I learned what exactly I need to add on my Facebook ads (copy and image), and on my Landing Page and Coupon Page to make them highly effective. Fb now likes my ads and Landing page so much, that has assigned to them a Relevance score of 9 (out of 10)! 

This would have been impossible without John's plugins and tutorials.

In the past 3 days, I have spent $135, acquired 479 subscribers (people who gave me their email to receive my coupon) and have had 278 people redeem their coupons to purchase my product at a discount. Thanks to John, I am paying a ridiculous $0.28 per subscriber (lead) or $0.46 per coupon redeemed! Compare this with the $5+ it cost me to have one person redeem their coupon when I didn't use John's plugins!

Kai T. - Amazon Seller & Beta Tester
Awesome plugin! 

Launched my first Facebook giveaway with Seller Coupons Pro and it was a success!

All the information is available in video tutorials to setup the plugins and John was speedy to get back with any issues I had.

It was simple to use and I really love the ability to capture customer's email addresses as opposed to using expensive launch services.

Will definitely be using this for all my future giveaways!
Is Your Amazon Business At Risk?
Are You Currently Playing For Short-Term Wins Or Long Term Success?
  • RISKY BUSINESS MODEL - Relying ONLY on Amazon to bring customers to you through PPC and other On-Amazon advertising (limited traffic & no audience). 
  • STILL RISKY - One-off salesby relying on a launch company buyer's list quialty and no way to capture interested customer's contact information for remarketing (no audience building & gets expensive).
  • SOLUTION - Finding and implementing a real SALES PROCESSwhich finds people interested in your products, gives you their contact information in exchange for something, and you sell your stuff to those customers leading them to Amazon or your own website to take the order.
Are the only people buying your products limited to the ones who visit Amazon today? If so, then you may not be able to compete with your competition.
Do You Have POWER In The Game?
Which Kind Of Amazon Seller Are You? 
WARNING: If you're more like Seller A, your business may not be able to compete with sellers like me!

Custom Landing Pages Tutorial
Use Our Turnkey Landing Pages Or Design Your Own
  •  Any Amazon Marketplace
  •  Unlimited Products & Campaigns 
  •  A Price Everyone Can Afford
Watch How Easy Our Turnkey Pages Are
"Now that you have a real sales process in place which your company designed and is a machine for acquiring its OWN CUSTOMERS and increasing Sales Velocity with off-Amazon customers, you have graduated from being just an "Amazon Seller" to a Direct Response Marketer who acquires leads and drives sales for your company. You no longer wait for Amazon to bring you customers, you now attract them to YOUThe question then will be - so what are you going to do with that customer list you are now sitting on?"
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WARNING: As A Test We Are Only Allowing Up To 300 Users To Get Grandfathered In At An Insanely Low Price